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The birth of this blog: a response to many encouragements November 29, 2007

Filed under: introduction — Joel @ 2:25 am

there are a few friends of mine who have been blogging for quite some time now and they have always told me that i should get in on the game of sharing thoughts in this way and i have always heartily disagreed, until now. a week ago, i became very interested in a discussion relating to Christianity and Atheism on my friends R.O. Flyer’s blog, rain and the rhinoceros. i found myself posting my best thought and then checking back a few times a day for additional comments regarding the ongoing discussion.

i have said to my wife and to friends here in st. stephen that there are two things i need right now in my life: one is a jam at a pub once a week where musicians get together and play for the joy of it, the second is a theology pub (interesting how both of these things revolve around the hospitable spirit of the pub), a place where i and others could really hash through the complex surroundings the many important theological issues that affect not only the Church nor even only Christians but our whole world, the public space. i hope this and other blogs can be this for me, a place where the grinding wheel of minds may together produce something worth remembering.


7 Responses to “The birth of this blog: a response to many encouragements”

  1. Mike Harris Says:

    Hearty congratulations to you on the opening of your new blog, Joel! I can’t wait to see what discussions will be held here. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. roflyer Says:

    Here here! I’m waiting in expectation of the many musings to be heard!

  3. Matt Wiebe Says:


    Welcome to the strange land of blog. šŸ™‚

  4. Roger Flyer Says:

    If you move back here, i’ll start a teology pub.

  5. Roger Flyer Says:

    er thrology pub. Not sure I want to discuss ‘te’ in depth

  6. Roger Flyer Says:

    doh!!!!! theology.
    look at all the responses to your blog!!!!

  7. lunch lady Says:

    I’m eager for lots to chew on! Thanks for the opportunity.

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