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Jesus, Love For The Poor. worship songs for communities of justice December 5, 2007

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Jesus, Love For The Poor

This is a song of mine that we sing sometimes here in St. Stephen. It was written as much out of a creative unction as it was out of a systematic desire to be holistic in the theology of our different expressions of worship. I intentionally wrote the concepts simple and the ideas more immediately digestible than i would like to in the future. Step by step…..and one day perhaps there will be charismatics protesting again and social activists quaking with the power of the Spirit again….bring us together under a true flag.

It should not be that the only songs that charismatics and evangelicals sing are those of private faith experience; in the same way, social justice people should not only sing protest songs but both groups should try on each other’s theologies in song. This could be done with the endorsement and help of the pastoral leadership; giving a ‘yes’ to initiations like this could go a long way. though it would be perhaps uncomfortable at first, this would not be due to the untruth in those songs but because we are not used to singing in a touchy feely enviorment, “Jesus, change the mind of our President, give us courage to resist the evil his administration is causing.” likewise we are not used to singing in a very hip and cool, very action oriented atmosphere, “could i just stay here a while, knowing there’s nothing that i need to say, safe in the knowledge that you know my ways, love me completely, no need to hide a thing.”  Though as you are already probably thinking, there are charismatic and political ideas in both song ideas, they just need to be dug out.

here are the lyrics to Jesus, Love For The Poor

Lord your blessing comes to the weak,

comes to the hidden, comes to the meek

Lord your blessing comes to the small

comes to the broken, comes to us all….when we cry ‘our hearts are homeless!’

‘we need love more than we have’

and we proclaim You our final answer

and we proclaim You our question to the world

and we proclaim You our greatest challenge

Jesus, love for the poor


8 Responses to “Jesus, Love For The Poor. worship songs for communities of justice”

  1. roflyer Says:

    Great song Joel.

  2. Matt Wiebe Says:

    Hmmm… I’m getting a vague sense that you want to bring social justice and charismatic Christianity together 😉

    Looking forward to seeing where you and your songs go with this in the future…

  3. masonmusic Says:

    Thanks guys. songs and thoughts, convos and prayers, these are our fuel!

  4. Hello new friend,

    where might I purchase the music and a recording for this song . . . it is just what I am looking for . . . Do you have more??? can we have a conversation . . . I am a female pastor, organizing for anti-oppressive, and anti-racist values who is desperate to find theologically deep, social justice corporate worship music . . .

    anticipating your reply,

    Jo Ann

  5. Elizabeth Says:


    Great words!
    I wuold love to hear the music for this. Where could we possibly buy this song?

  6. Neil Di Maggio Says:

    Joel, thanks for your postings. I’m putting together a song set for a service on Matthew 25: 35-36. Your text for Jesus, Love For The Poor is excellent for this topic. Do you have a recording of this? (I see others have asked a similar question).

    Thank you, and blessings,

  7. masonmusic Says:

    hi neil,

    i’m glad you liked it. there is a link to a rough recording in this post actually! If you click on “Jesus, love for the poor,” at the top of the post, it should take you to a page that plays the song. if you’re interested in the chord charts, i could email you those.



  8. Jo Says:


    I loved your song, I’d like to use it at our London conference next week, would you be able to send me the chords?


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