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Why I Don’t Believe IN Tradition (But I Stand ON it): part 3 April 10, 2008

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This is the third part of this wee reflection, the fourth part will follow shortly as it is tied closely with this one.

Here’s an example of how knowing our specific story as the people of God lets us see the world and even words themselves differently 

The American government means something very different when it uses the word “freedom” than the Christian community does.  The American way of life has been founded on many things, some Christian-esque to be sure, but many things, in my view, overly focused on the individual, innate rights, and the right to happiness.  These three ideas run counter to Jesus’ practice of freedom. 

                    Where the Christian community finds freedom is not in our own happiness but in serving God through our neighbor, we find freedom not in our innate rights as human beings but as we give our rights away to Jesus and to others, we find freedom not in fulfilling our individual goals but as we are a part of a community which dares to call itself the Body of Christ.  If we do not speak to each other about these distinctions, then we are likely to think that both groups mean the same thing by “freedom.”


4 Responses to “Why I Don’t Believe IN Tradition (But I Stand ON it): part 3”

  1. bdl Says:

    Good word.

    Here’s to being a slave to Christ in the search for true freedom.

  2. Matt Says:

    I am typing notes for work and listening to St. Croix last Sunday and all the discussion about tradition. Is this the impetus for “not believing in, but standing on” tradition?

  3. masonmusic Says:

    Thanks Ben, I hope you are well.

    Matt, it is indeed! It was a good public disagreement, people jumping up to contradict each other, i loved it.

  4. Julien Says:


    Just love these so many ways do I agree.

    Getting to know HIM more is worth while in so many ways.

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