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Why I Don’t Believe IN Tradition (But I Stand ON it): Part 4 April 10, 2008

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Here is the final installment

But how did we come to this conclusion that the American government and the Christian community mean different things by “freedom?”  We came to it by knowing the stories of each group.  When we knew these stories even a little, we could suddenly see how and why each group defined the word differently.  But the main point is: this example shows us the importance of the Christian story for Christians.  
                   To the extent that we know and live the story of God, we will look like Christ’s followers.  To the extent we have amnesia about where we have come from, we will be confused about who we are today and blind as to where we are going tomorrow.  This is why many believers identify more with their country of origin, their biological family, or even their favorite sports team than they do with the community of Jesus; these groups have simply told their story better, more clearly and more confidently.  It does not matter that our story is true because people do not hear the story, and they do not hear the story because we, as a whole, do not know it ourselves.  


One Response to “Why I Don’t Believe IN Tradition (But I Stand ON it): Part 4”

  1. bdl Says:

    Yeah, I think I’ve got some work to do in knowing the story better and sharing it more effectively.

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