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On The Road May 10, 2008

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Hello all


         It has been a while since I’ve written; stationary life has become mobile.  Kate and I packed our bags for at least the summer to see where the road would take us.  We have traversed most of Canada and some of the states, stopping for short exciting times with friends.  Toronto, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary tommorow and Abbotsford the day after that.

         It is amazing how being on the road, for me, opens up the idea that the future is not closed.  Driving along highways and dirt roads with various choices along the way make this thought more available to me than when i am functionally stationary.  Many of my friends know this about me (as many of you have travelled with me to different destinations).  I think about long conversations with Zach to Montana, shirtless in the minnesota heat with matt, packed into andy’s truck with ry, marce, andy, and jesse on our way down the saint lawerence seaway.  these are just a few that spring to mind.  another good one:  late night drive to duluth with ry and jesse, sleeping in the rest area, awake to the sun.


        The simplicity of driving is apparent to me now:  you are doing one thing.  There is not much that others can ask of you in that moment.  “no, i cannot clean your house, I am driving.”  “no, i cannot play music for this or that.”  “no, i cannot go for a pint, i am driving.”  It is good to be unavailable, unable to connect, free from wires, only the subject matter at hand to deal with, only the people in that small cab to talk to.


          So for now, my mind is in transit, my options are open, my hopes are strangely hungry, and so is my stomach…….which is great because Kate’s dad, Dave, is making Gorrie Pizza, a veritable institution out here on the plains.


7 Responses to “On The Road”

  1. Matt Wiebe Says:

    Happy trails my friend. Good to have you here briefly.

  2. Julien Says:

    On the road again eh.. that’s good as you always to come out with amazing stories to tell.. and now you can share them with your wife.. well if you think of it or pass by don’t forget to stop at our place for a pint and bite to eat. take care you guys!!

  3. masonmusic Says:

    It was good to be in Winnipeg with you guys Matt, I love the black sheep!

    Julien, It would be great to have a pint! We are rolling through Ontario in August, perhaps then?

  4. becks Says:

    You should drive on over to S.Korea and visit us lonelies here!

  5. R.O. Flyer Says:

    Wait, why can’t you have a pint while driving?

  6. masonmusic Says:


    it’s hard to do that out here, the hills are too big.

    watch for this next post, i’m going to need your help.

  7. Julien Says:

    Joel, whatever works out for you guys. we’ll be here. Have Fun, See ya Later.

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