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To Song, Silence, And Fishing Lake! June 5, 2008

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Kate and I are getting ready to head north east to her family’s cabin at Fishing Lake.  We have been looking forward to this for awhile as a kind of creative oasis.  Our time will be split between mouth watering activities like songwriting, recording, working on our books and projects, reading great tomes and spending time with her grandmother.  Dave Gorrie has just acquired a boat so that should make things wonderful on those sunny days when it’s a crime to stay inside.

         But I am the most excited about recording some of my songs that have emerged in the latest curfuffal of life.  I have a good mic, a good guitar, a reasonable voice (don’t anybody say bob dylan!), a mandolin, and a variety of pots and pans that may be convinced to act as percussion.  Perhaps Joel Gorrie and his friendly cello may make an appearance when his time reforesting is done.

        It is hard to make time for art, especially when it seems unlucrative at the moment.  But we must.  It is easy to forget the sacrifice that millions of artists have made throughout human history to protect that space, to give room for a song, a poem, a painting, an algorhythm to emerge.  It is similar to the discipline of solitude familiar to me through the Christian tradition.  In Celtic Daily Prayer, the first reading for their monthly meditations comes from Anne Morrow Lindbergh and speaks to this struggle and the necessity of it for our very lives; let us listen to it again and again as our lives become ruled by the mundane and small things, not the holy mundane, but the systemizing of everything into neat boxes, into the productivity which is meaningless without what Lindbergh speaks about here:

It is a difficult
lesson to learn today,
to leave one’s friends
and family and deliberately
practise the art of solitude
for an hour or a day
or a week.
For me, the break
is most difficult …

And yet, once it is done,
I find there is a quality
to being alone that is
incredibly precious.

Life rushes back into the void,
more vivid,
fuller than before!


5 Responses to “To Song, Silence, And Fishing Lake!”

  1. Heidi Renee Says:

    Adore Lindbergh – wish she had written more. Enjoy your retreat, may it be filled with fertile soil!

  2. jake Says:

    Do catch a fish, will you? Do us merry-timers proud

  3. masonjars Says:

    mm. Silence can be so wonderful.
    Your thoughts are good…I miss times with the family
    and friends around the campfire..telling stories, playing music,
    and sometimes just staring at the fire.

    I’m glad you will be recording those songs..
    and I love your completely unique voice..unlike ANY other!
    “Launch out into the deep” 🙂


  4. Judith Says:

    When you and Katie get time like this, I hold my breath. So you can breathe deep.
    Love and miss you.
    Plans still unknown?

  5. joel mason Says:

    thanks laura, i miss those things too.

    judith, good to hear from you. we decided to be in St. Stephen for this next year, doing this new job working with the prayerbook and other resource development. I’d love to get more of your thoughts down, the ones you sent me for the Prayerbook were so good!

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