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The Art Of Conversation: Ideas Are People Too! July 15, 2008

Filed under: storying — Joel @ 10:45 pm

          I had an amazing discussion with my friends Adam and Matt the other night.  We talked about many things and in many ways it was what I would call a “true conversation.”  In contrast with most verbal interactions, this one included intuitively letting all parties have their say, exhibiting listening and re-formation of ideas previously shared, eye contact and humour while not getting too far off topic (which was:  should we save the world!), and attempts at bringing it all together.  

                There is a book that I heard of once which was about the art of conversation; this is an idea I believe.  The better we are at this discipline, the more we can achieve many of the goals of our other disciplines.  This is so because being ‘better’ at the art of conversation means more than just correctly getting your ideas across.  When a conversation is is really good, there is excitement generated about the topic, new aspects and nuances unfolded around or beneath the topic not to mention the strands of friendship which are strengthened or even created in those moments when we are committed to being present not only to each other but to the ideas which are being thrown through us.


3 Responses to “The Art Of Conversation: Ideas Are People Too!”

  1. Matt Wiebe Says:

    The conversation was indeed fantastic, and sadly all-too-rare. I can only agree that conversation is a discipline which requires us to meld the art of speaking and (more importantly) listening into a unified whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

    If it weren’t so cliché, I’d be tempted to call it a “transcendent” experience.

  2. Al Mason Says:

    I am very proud of you
    enjoy the batman movie tonight with your friends

  3. masonjars Says:

    mmm I love…good conversations..not like when we play axis and allies, and you kill me with all of your bombers, and I yell swear words at you and storm off..No, not like that 🙂

    Its a beautiful thing, when we can speak clearly and get our ideas across, but even more beautiful when we can actively listen..and let others transform us and our ideas.
    I often believe I am open minded, but I know that I keep a few things close to my heart that I am stubborn about!
    What safety with other people you must be able to hold those things out for questioning and conversation.

    I love you J-sizzle fridge door.
    I get to see you soon!

    L-rock. ❤

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