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Coming This Sunday: Daily Advent Readings! November 27, 2008

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For Advent this year in our community, one of things we are doing is shared daily readings from our upcoming Prayer Book.  Both the St. Croix Vineyard and St. Stephen’s University will be taking part.  We want to make these available to friends and strangers far and near, so I’ll be posting them everyday right here!  Click on the link on the right side of this page that says “subscribe to the Herb of Grace by email” and you’ll receive one email a day with a short reading during the season of Advent.

The readings will be from many sources.  Some will come from people in our community, some will be contemporary, some ancient.

I invite you to subscribe to this blog for December, journeying with us towards Christmas, towards the celebration of the Incarnation, and towards a different way of life than the one we see in the adverts and TV commercials during this season.

If you think a friend might appreciate joining in on the rhythm, tell them about it, they are more than welcome!  Below I’ll introduce Advent and the contemplative route we’ll take over the next weeks.


In Advent, we await the coming of Jesus.  In this season, we are called to remember the waiting of the Israeli people for a different kind of king, the waiting of God to bring all people to himself, and the waiting of all creation: people, animals, and plants, for the full expression of God in the world.
In this season of womb and anticipation we contemplate how we can be intentional in waiting for him, cultivating our hope like Simeon and Anna, our faith like that of the wise men, our trust like that of Mary.  May the Holy Spirit make these meditations fruitful for us all.  By them, we seek to draw close to You Lord Jesus, Mystery of all mysteries, Joy of all joys, Garden in the world.
Our journey will take us through three stages of Advent contemplation:

Living Intentionally:  receiving the Advent call to re-direction

Living Expectantly: an Advent prayer by Henri Nouwen

Living with Longing: praying with the Jews, the Church, and the World.

See you on Sunday, the first day of Advent!


One Response to “Coming This Sunday: Daily Advent Readings!”

  1. R.O. Flyer Says:

    Sweet! Looking forward to it, Joel!

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