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The First Sunday of Advent: Living With Intentionality November 30, 2008

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Living with intentionality
Receiving the Advent call to re-direction

We live with many things: regret, hope, apathy, anger, and expectation.  Without even realizing it, we find ourselves lugging these things from one place to the next.  To live with intentionality is to purposefully respond to these in a way different from your upbringing or your gut reaction.  It is swimming upstream to really celebrate Advent, to engage in communal waiting for Christ, longing for the difference God’s presence makes in the world.

Intentionality mainly involves two things:  the small task of deciding how you want to live and the large task of living that way (good news, eh!).  So the primary task of these meditations is to spark creative thought for the first part and to encourage endurance and renewal for the second part.

If you’re wondering why the second part of intentionality is so hard, it’s because we live in a world which does not exactly agree or ‘harmonize’ with rhythms of life that challenge the core beliefs of our society.  Consumerism, globalization, and pluralism all wage war on living a better, simpler life.

These meditations are also for those of us whose generational flaw is the lack of tangible interaction with the earth, with its rhythms, and with real work.  May these voices, some ancient and some contemporary, carry us to the hill of the Lord where we can see clearly how we want to live and how we can, with the Spirit’s help, make it happen .

Enflame our imaginations, Holy Spirit.


2 Responses to “The First Sunday of Advent: Living With Intentionality”

  1. Al Mason Says:

    Hi Joel –

    wonderful to read your words today – I’ve been thinking about these things a lot lately – your grandpa subscribed to the email a few days ago as well – your words will be nourishment to him today

    As the Proverb says (the one in the painting you gave me that Judith painted) “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.” – Proverbs 25:11


  2. midge mogck Says:

    I am excited to read your advent thoughts. You are so right about intentionality. I have discovered intentionality is critical in my job in working with children, parents and students. I receive the advent call to redirect and strive to be more intentional in my life and relationships. THANKS!
    Love and prayers

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