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Thursday, December 4th in the season of Advent December 4, 2008

Filed under: advent — Joel @ 6:45 am

Prayer slows us down, makes us stop, gives us a breath in between jobs, refreshes our vision of our different jobs.  Jean Vanier rightly sees how disregarding this “divine center” undermines our attempts at living life with intentional direction:

“If we do not pray, if we do not evaluate our activities and find rest in the secret part of our heart, it will be hard to live in community. We will not be open to others. We will live only from the stimuli of the present moment and we will lose sight of our priorities and of the essential.
A community which prays together, which enters into silence and adoration, is bound together by the action of the Holy Spirit. God listens in a special way to the cry which rises from a community.”


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