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Saturday, December 6th in the season of Advent December 6, 2008

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As we end our meditations on living with intentionality, we look forward to the incarnation of Jesus.  Wendell Berry, a contemporary writer and farmer, brings us by poetry into a space where all the purposeful moments in our lives seem worth it.  For him as a farmer, endings and beginnings are ends of the same rope, tying back into each other.   In the same way, may our waiting produce in us a birth and a death this Advent season: the death of our rhythm-less selves and the birth of a true expectation for the history and future of love.

A Sabbath Poem by Wendell Berry

finally will it not be enough,
after much living, after
much love, after much dying
of those you have loved,
to sit on the porch near sundown
with your eyes simply open,
watching the wind shape the clouds
into the shapes of clouds?

Even then you will remember
the history of love, shaped
in the shapes of flesh, everchanging
as the clouds that pass, the blessed
yearning of body for body,
unending light.
you will remember, watching
the clouds, the future of love.


7 Responses to “Saturday, December 6th in the season of Advent”

  1. Al Mason Says:

    Happy Birthday Joel –

    twenty-seven years ago — t-minus 37 minutes — we waited for you to join us in Advent celebration

    We join you in this Advent celebration – thank you for all you have given us


  2. Roger Flyer Says:

    Hi Joel-
    Happy birthday friend!
    love you man

  3. ssufilmlover Says:

    Hey Joel. I think I have about five sets of advent readings going of one kind or another. These are the best.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. masonjars Says:

    Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother!

    i get to see you very soon!!
    much love,


  5. Ned Says:

    Happy Birthday Joel.

    I wish you were older. It’s unfair to the world that you haven’t been here longer. 1980 and 1981 were the worst years of my life because you were’nt around to make me happy. I want the first 2 years of my life back!


  6. midge mogck Says:

    Joely the Birthday Boy!! May God be very close to you this year. We had a simple oatmeal and bran muffin breakfast with your mom and dad today. They spoke kindly of their first born son.
    We’ll you in a few short weeks. Thanks for the advent readings. It has been fun to ponder the ideas.

  7. dave and marion gorrie Says:

    Hey Joel. We’re enjoying your Advent readings and thrilling at the emergence of the talents of our rather new son-in-law! Our daughter has made a wonderful choice! Happy Birthday to you. We hope it is a blessed day and full of little surprises that remind you of the creative love of the Great Lover.

    Dave and Marion

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