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Saturday, February 28th in the Season of Lent February 28, 2009

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“See how in the Cross all things consist, and in dying on it all things depend.  There is no others way to life and to true inner peace, than the way of the Cross.”

This thought by Thomas Á Kempis knocks me flat in two ways, and they are connected to each other: the first is that the way of imitation that Jesus calls us to can only lead to a confrontation with those powers of this world who would crush love and all who side with it.  The second is that life is all about suffering– we live and die, we love and we lose, we try and we fail.  Even the earth is the same: all things die in order to feed back into the ecosystem; in this way it is truly “in dying that all things depend.”  The wisdom we seek is in our response to this fact, not our attempts to escape from it.


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