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Tuesday, March 10th in the Season of Lent March 10, 2009

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In this meditation, we turn our inner eye to the suffering that is caused by ignorance or pleas that a social issue is “too complicated to oppose.”  South African Bishop Peter Storey’s words are for all of us regardless of our nationality.  We must pay special attention to his insight that we have often let our institutions do our sinning for us.

“American preachers have a task more difficult, perhaps, than those faced by us under South Africa’s apartheid, or Christians under Communism. We had obvious evils to engage; you have to unwrap your culture from years of red, white and blue myth. You have to expose, and confront, the great disconnect between the kindness, compassion and caring of most American people, and the ruthless way American power is experienced, directly and indirectly, by the poor of the earth. You have to help good people see how they have let their institutions do their sinning for them. This is not easy among people who really believe that their country does nothing but good, but it is necessary, not only for their future, but for us all.”

– Peter Storey (United Methodist Bishop of South Africa writing to American Christians after 9/11)


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