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Wednesday, March 11th in the Season of Lent March 11, 2009

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There is deep wisdom in this thought by Stanley Haurwas.  With the history of Canada steeped in similar un-repented sins, such as the cultural destruction of many Native communities and the Japanese internment camps, we must endeavor to read this meditation by replacing ‘American’ with ‘Canadian.’  Canada’s political history is not the same as the Unites State’s, but we have done enough wrong to find ourselves penitent beneath these words.  It is also a reminder that sin is never private, it is always (and especially in this case) a public and communal act, even if it’s done in the darkness of the night.

“The deep difficulty with America and politics is not necessarily that our politicians are corrupt but of course that the American people are corrupt; and that is the reason why you cannot have any decent or good politics.  For example, how do we deal with the race problem in America?  What no politician can say to the American people is that the reason we have a race problem in America is of course because we are a racist society, that’s a truthful claim.  But you cannot say that up front as if you mean it because we want to think of ourselves as basically good folk.”


2 Responses to “Wednesday, March 11th in the Season of Lent”

  1. Al Mason Says:

    We had an “interesting” experience on the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day. Church of All Nations – where we attend – has members from many different nations (they started off all Korean). During the service “representatives” from several different lands – Japan, United States, Korea, Kenya all confessed the sins of their land and asked for forgiveness for their people.

    It was remarkable to listen a Japanese woman ask for and receive forgiveness from Koreans for the atrocities the Japanese had committed against the Koreans and Chinese.

    The world needs and can receive forgiveness.

  2. masonmusic Says:

    wow, that is incredible. Forgiveness seems to be one of those things that you think you will hate asking for, but in reality effects a deep release and liberation. I wish i could have been there!

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