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Saturday, March 14th in the Season of Lent March 14, 2009

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Many of our readings on humility come from Thomas Á Kempis, who obviously had a lot to say on the subject.  One of the reasons is that the community he was a part of, the Brethren of Common Life, emphasized simple devotion to Jesus, opposing by their lives the decadence of many clergy in 14th century Rhineland.

“Of what use is it to discourse learnedly on the Trinity, if you lack humility and therefore displease the Trinity?  Lofty words do not make a man just or holy; but a good life makes him dear to God.  I would far rather feel contrition than be able to define it.  If you knew the whole bible by heart, and all the teachings of the philosophers, how would this help you without the grace and love of God?”


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