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Monday, March 16th in the Season of Lent March 16, 2009

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This is an absolutely beautiful thought from Gregory the Great.  Using the heartbreaking story of Saul, he contrasts the tragedy of thinking ourselves big and smart with the beauty of seeing ourselves correctly as “wee and small of brain!”

“Man is made like the apostate angel when he disdains, though a man, to be [higher than] other men.  In this way Saul, after having distinguished himself for his humility, was swollen with pride in the eminence of his power; by his humility he was advanced, by his pride, rejected, as the Lord attested, saying:

When thou wast a little one in thy own eyes, did I not make thee the head of the tribes of Israel?

He had previously seen himself a little one in his own eyes, but relying on temporal power, he no longer saw himself to be a little one.  Preferring himself to others, he regarded himself great above all others, because he had greater power than they.  And in a wonderful way, while a little one in his own esteem, he was great with God, but when he thought himself to be great, he was little with God.”


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