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Tuesday, March 24th in the Season of Lent March 24, 2009

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Thomas Á Kempis said,

“We wish to see others severely reprimanded; yet we are unwilling to be corrected ourselves.  We wish to restrict the liberty of others, but are not willing to be denied anything ourselves.  We wish others to be bound by rules, yet we will not let ourselves be bound.  It is amply evident, therefore, that we seldom consider our neighbor in the same light as ourselves.  Yet, if all men were perfect, what should we have to bear with in others for Christ’s sake?”

Perhaps the quote above does not exactly correspond to our experience.  In our culture, we do not usually wish others to be “bound by rules” because we believe in each person’s individual ‘perspective’ on what those rules should be.  Sometimes we would like others to be bound by rules but we are silent underneath this very potent societal pressure to accept all.
But the problem Á Kempis talks about can still be relevant to us if we change one thing:  take the desire to see others follow the right way and change it to the anger and annoyance that builds up within us when people do not act how we want and how that affects us.


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