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A New Season. August 18, 2009

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Hello all,

It has been a good while since I’ve written on this blog but I’m beginning again as Kate and I move to Vancouver to do Master’s studies.  I’ll be reflecting and working through various ideas and thinkers that I encounter at Trinity Western (where I’ll be doing a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities).  I know many of you reading this have signed up by email for the Lent and Advent readings I’ve done here; you are welcome to stay on and join in on the conversation!

To give you a taste of where my thought will be going, here is a list of my classes this Fall

Engendered History

Texts & Interpretation (reading Charles taylor’s A Secular Age and Gadamer’s Truth and Method)

The Philosophy of Language


5 Responses to “A New Season.”

  1. R.O. Flyer Says:

    Great Joel. I look forward to many more posts!

  2. Peter Fitch Says:

    as do I!

  3. roger flyer Says:

    Welcome back.

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