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It’s Advent and I have nothing to wear! December 12, 2009

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I haven’t thought much about Advent this year; and this very fact has disclosed something interesting.  Every commitment that is not school has felt like a burden to me as of late.  And while I can’t say that this is desirable, it is what it is and the idea of trying to formulate some plan to change this only feels like yet another burden.  So Advent celebrations, candle lightings, thoughtful conversations, they’ve all taken a backseat, or so it seems.  

If Advent is waiting, waiting for God, waiting for each other and ourselves to wait for God, then I have been participating.  I’m not sure if i’ve ever groaned for anything so strenuously as I have for these papers I’ve been writing.  More of myself than I’d like to admit has gone into them.  Every ounce of reflection, every inch of wisdom, every strand of my accessible soul.  I have two down and one to go, the end is drawing near.  Then what will I do?  I’ll drive the pretty pages to langley, through the resistance of traffic and time, I’ll drop them off, and I’ll leave to Saskatchewan for Christmas.  There’s an Advent progression there, I want to believe.  I want to believe that even the busy can enter the kingdom of God, that the work of liturgy can truly be “the work of the people.”


5 Responses to “It’s Advent and I have nothing to wear!”

  1. HeidiRenee Says:

    You articulate very closely what I have faced this season. I too have been “advent-less” this Christmas – I actually put the wreathe back in the box because it made me feel like a failure. Last year I was so intentional about it, but this year hasn’t engaged me. I’m giving myself permission for that to be okay. I know if I let it happen naturally instead of shaming myself something might emerge and surprise me, and if not that will be okay too.

    Happy season Joel – you played such a big part in my advent last year – missing you all. The vacuum left by your absences has not been filled and we are all the sadder for it.

  2. Al Mason Says:

    Your writing reminds me of when I was a senior during the first semester – working away to get everything done – not so difficult as the work you have taken on – but for me – still a daunting task to finish everything up before the semester finished.

    In the middle of this – we were engaged in our own waiting – you – our first born was coming – your mom had gained 60 pounds of mostly water-weight – she was definitely waiting and anticipating – Sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon in the midst of all of our busyness – business, you arrived. After you arrived you became all important – all 7 lbs and miscellaneous ounces.

  3. R.O. Flyer Says:

    Moral of the story: don’t have babies while trying to finish up a semester of university.

  4. Joel, Beloved Grandson!

    How proud we are, and thankful, son of our son and grandson of the Lea’s and Masons.

    Wow! How heavy and glorious to hear your story of “pain and travail until this be birthed – in each wondrous event. “And it was good…, and it was very good.” Press on and we want to hear and read.

    In all of the challenges of your life, next to the Lord God, your Katie. She is the dearest treasure you now have. And your greatest measure will be the two of you side by side, praying, longing, loving, searching, struggling, creating, completing.
    Not just I but we – “and the twain shall become one.”

    Press on, dear man! It’s so good to hear of your ‘Journeys.”

    Gpa James and Gma Norma Mason

  5. Kendall Kadatz Says:

    Ahh Joel, it’s so good to know you’re human. I know you are, but in the past you have seemed to so successfully integrate who you want to be with who you are. It can be frustrating watching someone like you thrive in that process, and at the same time it is wonderful to have someone like you lead in it. This stage is good too though, and I will wait to hear your ruminations of waiting in the midst of busyness.

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