The Herb Of Grace

Theology and Poetry, Politics and Prose

the herb of what? November 28, 2007


people jump into THEOLOGY to seek God, seek truth. one of the ways that humans nuance their communication is to write POETRY; they seek order by POLITICS, PROSE exisits to finagel the tricky canyon that cracks between the left and right brain. The dance of all four of these areas is what naturally dwells in me and many of my friends these days.

The title for this blog comes from a book by Elizabeth Goudge called Pilgrim’s Inn which tells the story of a family estranged from themselves as a family, themselves as individual spiritual entities, it tells the story of the house that saves them. The house they buy in the country was built originally to house pilgrims on their way to their destination, the name of the house is The Herb of Grace, signifying the painful separation that the family goes through in moving to the country from the city, it signifies the many hard but good choices the individual members of the family must make, painful grace.

The idea of grace given with a cost speaks to me when i think about the many corrupt systems in our world. That we must repent for our part in it, call the powers back to their God-given vocation, to serve the commonwealth, this much is becoming clearer and clearer to me; that this is a more faithful declaration of the gospel in the world than much i have before encountered, of this i am convinced.


2 Responses to “the herb of what?”

  1. Roger Flyer Says:

    Can I move in to thePilgrim’s Inn for awhie?

  2. Roger Flyer Says:

    Hi Joel-
    Keep blogging. I love your thoughts.
    Miss you.

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